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Roze Amélie is an independent European jewellery brand for rebel femmes: ambitious women who choose their own path in life. Based in Lisbon, Roze Amélie finds inspiration in the stylish, timeless character of the Portuguese capital while part of our roots lie in the nonconformist free spirit of Amsterdam.

Roze Amélie pieces are thought, designed, drawn by hand in our small studio in Lisbon, Portugal before these designs are turned into handmade jewellery pieces. All Roze Amélie pieces are unique, based on our inspiration drawn from what we see around us, vintage jewellery, the streets of Lisbon. 

Our pieces are vintage inspired, strong, to be seen. Sexy, loving, independent, rebellious. For women who don’t take no for an answer. Who break through walls to realize their dreams. Our pieces give confidence and remind you that nothing is impossible.

All Roze Amélie pieces are made with .925 sterling silver as base material, tested and certified by the Portuguese Assay office. Gold-plated necklaces and earrings contain a layer of 1 micron of 24 karat gold. Rings are plated with a thicker layer of 2 micron of 24 karat gold. All pieces are handmade using the lost wax casting method, ensuring that unique details become an authentic part of each and every piece. Roze Amélie jewellery is produced in a sustainable manner, with respect for the environment and labour conditions.

Roze Amélie: independent jewellery brand for rebel femmes.